We at AlpinRes have already listet many huts in our data base and do not know exactly who is responsible for a hut or leads a hut.

If you, as an active hut warden, want to sign up "your" hut on AlpinRes, please proceed like this:

Create your user account:
1. Create a normal user account for yourself personal!
2. Then complete your user profile!
3. After that, propose under "Profile" -> "Carrier" -> "AlpinRes accept hut" the assignment of your hut to your profile.

Accept hut/detailed procedure:
1. You already are a AlpinRes user and have completed your profile.
2. Go to "Profile" -> "Carrier" -> "AlpinRes accept hut"
3. Click on “request hut code”, choose your hut and click on “request code”!
4. We will call you on the phone personally to prevent a strange person from adopting your hut.
5. After the successful identification we will provide the hutcode.
6. Enter this code under “enter hut code”, so that we can unlock your hut for you.
7. Establish your hut inside the system.

Another or a new hut warden accepts the hut:
Of course, we also thought about such a case. It is absolutely possible.
A hut, which is registered at AlpinRes, can be adopted to a different person.
The procedure is identical to the one described above, with the slight difference that we will have to get the allowance from the person who still is in charge for the hut.

Any questions?

Contact us - we like to help you!